Malta Residence and Visa Program (MRVP)


  • EU residence card granting visa-free travel across Europe’s Schengen Area

  • Right to reside indefinitely in Malta

  • Five years’ permanent residence, renewable indefinitely

  • Strategically located with excellent air links to MENA and Europe

  • No Worldwide Tax.

  • Investment required only for first five years

  • No residence requirement

  • Family members included


To qualify for the Malta MRVP Program, 

An investor should invest in government bonds of EUR 250,000 for a minimum period of five years


Pay a non-refundable government contribution of EUR 30,000


Purchase a Property of EUR 320,000 (EUR 270,000 in South Malta or Gozo), (OR)  a property lease of EUR 12,000 per annum (EUR 10,000 in South Malta or Gozo)

Malta Individual Investor Program (IIP)


  • Visa-free or visa-on-arrival travel to 183 destinations including Canada and the EU

  • The right to live, work, and study in any of the 28 EU countries and Switzerland

  • World’s strictest due diligence standards and vetting of applicants, thus ensuring only highly respectable applicants

  • Application can include 3 Generations of the family

  • Citizenship of a well-respected EU country

  • Reasonable contribution and efficient application process

  • Safe and Stable Country

  • High quality, internationally recognized and acclaimed


To qualify for the Malta Individual Investor Programme,

  • make a contribution of €650,000 to the Maltese Government, which is deposited in the National Development and Social Fund (NDSF);

  • lease a property for a minimum value of €16,000 per annum, or purchase a property for a minimum value of €350,000, both in Malta and cannot be let or sublet; and

  • acquire €150,000 worth of stocks, bonds, debentures, special purpose vehicles or other investment vehicles as may be identified from time to time by MIIPA.