Malta Residence and Visa Program



- Non-refundable contribution of € 30,000

- Invest € 250,000 to Government bonds

- Minimum Property Purchase Price / Annual Rent

  • Malta: €320,000 / €12,000

  • Southern Region of Malta, Gozo: €270,000 / €10,000

Key Highlights

  • Permanent Residence: the right to reside indefinitely in Malta;

  • Residency issued first for 5 years, freely renewable thereafter. Investment required only for first 5 years;

  • EU Residence Card gives Visa-free travel within Schengen Area;

  • Allows Golden Visa holders to work in Malta (work permit process);

  • No minimum physical presence required to maintain immigration status;

  • Tax residency status on showing ordinary residency in Malta.

Our Expertise

  • Provide deep insights to clients regarding the program

  • Assistance with hiring of Immigration lawyer

  • Assistance with hiring of Chartered Accountant

  • Assistance with Property Selection

  • Assistance with RFE reply

  • Assistance with documentations